Wednesday, April 7, 2010

3 Days until Marion & Clark tie the knot!

Marion & Clark will be married on Saturday in a beautiful ceremony saturated with family history in Newport, Arkansas. Just to tease you a little, I wanted to share some of the amazing family heirlooms that will be a part of their special day.

Marion's veil is one of my favorite aspects of the wedding! And if you love history, you'll find this fascinating too....It was brought to America in 1848 from Germany by Marion's Great Great Great Grandfather. The veil actually dates back to the Napoleonic Era, when it was worn by the bride of the Prussian General von Blucher (who was involved in the Battle of Waterloo) for their wedding and later passed down through the bride's family. The date of construction is uncertain but it is estimated between 1800 and 1815. The fact that they can trace their ancestry that far is amazing enough, and to actually have an heirloom from that period blows me away! Pretty amazing right?!

Marion will wear the very same wedding gown that both her mother and grandmother wore for their weddings:
Elisabeth Curtner, mother of the bride, on her wedding day in 1978.

Marion Maury, grandmother of the bride, on her wedding day in 1950.

Marion's engagement ring was designed by Clark using the stunning diamond that once belonged to Marion's Great Grandmother. It was given to her by Marion's great grand father in the early 1900's and was then passed down to her Grandmother & Mother.

Both Marion & Clark's wedding bands were passed down to them from great grand parents, grand parents, and parents. They still bear the original engravings.

I cannot wait to see these amazing testaments of love and marriage that have been passed down through both of their families! It is truly unique to find a young couple as dedicated to family and tradition as Marion & Clark. I believe it is this dedication that will make their marriage strong and keep the incredible traditions alive! Congratulations to you both. Your wedding will be spectacular!

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