Monday, August 3, 2009

What should I include in welcome baskets for my guests?

Question: A friend of mine is getting married in Abilene, TX this fall. She wants ideas for welcome baskets to go in the guests rooms. Do you have any ideas?

Answer: I get this question for almost ever wedding I plan, plus some.
You definitely want to include a few printed items: a welcome from the bride & groom, an itinerary of wedding events to which they're all invited, a list of other fun things to do in the area (shopping, golf courses, night life, etc.), and a map to the wedding locations. Go to the local chamber of commerce or welcome center and get brochures to include as well.

I always suggest including a couple of bottles of water (with a custom wedding label if possible) and a snack or two. For the snack, most people include a snack mix or chips, but I suggest something home made - home made trail mix or granola (VERY easy to make), or cookies or brownies along with your family recipe for them.

Other fun items to include: anything dealing with the area. Visit any of your favorite shops that sell something unique to city in which you're getting married - locally made soaps, kettle corn, beer or wine, fudge, etc.

Be creative about the container. If you're having a beach wedding, use a beach bag or a soft sided ice chest. If you're going to be married in a vineyard, use a wine box. Make the welcome basket fit the location.

The possibilities are endless!

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