Monday, August 31, 2009

Utterly Chic Treat Cones from Utterly Engaged!

This incredible cones are a fabulous way to make popcorn (or any treat of your choice) elegant!
Utterly Engaged has just featured a popcorn bar, complete with these gorgeous cones. The cones were created by simply printing this elegant design on a transparency & forming into a cone. This display was completed with different toppings in crystal bowls (cheese, caramel, etc.) and additional items to mix in with the popcorn (M&Ms, Peanuts, etc.). Guests can take a cone & dress it up however they choose! It's beautiful and unique and your guests are sure to love it!

See our recent post on Treat Cones for other ways of creating this delicious display.


kimberly said...

We will have to remember this for Annaston's wedding. You know how much she loves popcorn and M&Ms!

Jessica {Finishing Touch} said...

Without a doubt! I'm crazy about how fancy it makes the whole popcorn bar! I've seen them before, but never done this well.