Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Leather Boutonnieres

I've been relentlessly searching for leather boutonnieres for the last few months. I saw a gorgeous black leather boutonniere in a magazine (of course I cannot remember which one and haven't been able to find it since) and it was incredible! Sleek, simple, and masculine it was subtle and perfect on a black tux!
Since I haven't found the exact same one, I've pulled together a few other leather flowers that you could use as boutonnieres for your wedding:
The black camilla flower in the top photo is most like the boutonniere from the magazine.

top: Miracles and Crafts, Leather camilla flower, 2.9" across, $27.00
middle: Chocky Pink, leather flower pins, 2.25" across, $9.99
bottom: Zongka, crysanthemum leather flowers, 1.5" across, $5.00

Some of these are pins or hair clips, but they can easily be converted to boutonnieres for a modern, sleek look for your groom & groomsmen.

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