Friday, August 28, 2009

"Snap Station": Awesome Alternative to the Ever Popular PhotoBooth!

Looking for a creative alternative to the photo booth? This fabulous DIY idea has me absolutely head over heels!
Set up a "Snap Station" for your wedding using a variety of different cameras: Polaroid, Old Fashioned, Throw Away (for the kids), etc. Using several different cameras will give you a variety of different looks for your photos from the obvious polaroid photo to a grainy antique look.
This is perfect if you're on a tight budget - simply borrow the cameras from friends and relatives. Who knows, your grandmother could have several old cameras in her attic! Search thrift stores for anything you cannot borrow and use ebay and other online sources to find the right type of film for each camera you decide to use.
Make sure to include a sign giving instructions to your guest. This is especially necessary if you do not have someone there operating the Snap Station. For brides with a little more in their budget, I would definitely suggest hiring a photography student (put a post on Craig's List or Facebook) to handle to more obscure or expensive cameras. If you're on a tighter budget, ask a friend to handle it for an hour or so.
Also include signs for each camera, so guests will know the differences in the resulting photos.
Thanks to Bride's Cafe for the photos & fabulous idea!

Additional suggestions from Finishing Touch:

If you would like to use this Snap Station for your guestbook as well, I would suggest bringing in a chalk board so that guests can write a message to you and hold it in the photos. A great way to kill 2 birds with one stone!
Imagine this for an elegant wedding with a velvet or damask background, a lush sofa or chair, and a small table with candles. Gorgeous!

You'll also want to include a box of some kind for the polaroid photos and the film once a roll is finished. I adore these "guestbook boxes" from Cut The Cake Designs:
They come in any style and color to match your wedding perfectly.

To all of the brides out there considering a "Snap Station," please send me photos!!!

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