Friday, March 13, 2015

Snowy Shoot {Day 5}: Behind the Scenes

It was a challenge. So I want to spend today's blog post thanking all of the people who made our Snowy Inspirational Shoot possible. Behind the scenes...
Lindsey from Tesori took the wedding gown home with her the night before the shoot so she would have it even if she couldn't make it to the store in the snow - and she stopped to get ALL of us coffee on the way!
Nikki at Enve Salon stepped up to do Hair & Make Up with 15 hours notice & continuously fixed and refixed the hair as it was snowed on for hours!
Pam at Flora expertly whipped up the bouquet, centerpiece, and boutonniere that morning! 
Rick's Bakery created a fresh display cake for me with less than 24 hours notice.
Randal & Randy at Eventures drove their own cars out to the venue with the furniture and decor to make sure we got everything we needed!
Leslie at Soho Clothiers went into work early on an icy day, when she probably wouldn't have even opened, to gather up the clothing for our "groom".
Mark from Autumn Ridge Plantation was an amazing host and didn't bat an eye as we tracked snow into their gorgeous home. 
Taylor, from our team at JLK Weddings, picked up the flowers and drove out to the location to create this magic with me!
Our models, Mattie & Trent, braved the cold, wet snow in sippery shoes! And did it with grace and a smile.
Erika Dotson captured it all so perfectly. 

And a big big BIG thank you goes to my husband, Logan. He was worried about me driving on the snowy/icy roads, so he drove me around {picking up things & picking up people} and he stood out in the snow holding an umbrella to keep the snow off of our "bride" as much as possible! And more importantly, he missed watching the Razorback Basketball game to be there! He's my hero.
I love you!

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