Thursday, March 12, 2015

Snowy Shoot {Day 4}: From Inspiration to Reality

Today's the day! When you see these images you may think it's beautiful but completely impractical. Well, we are so excited to share with you how to take these ideas and use them for your real winter wedding!

1. Outdoor Setting
Of course it's not practical to set up your tables outside in the snow, or even just in the cold! Your guests would hate you! But if you choose your venue well it can feel like you're bringing the winter landscape inside. Tents with windows {and heaters!} work if you choose an outdoor venue like Autumn Ridge Plantation with a spectacular wintery view. If that's not for you, choose an indoor venue with big windows to let the outdoors in. Either way, bring in evergreen hedges {Eventures carries them in all shapes & sizes!} to line the dance floor. Bonus, you can even make it snow inside using a snow machine as guests enter or as they dance the last dance!

2. Greenery Instead of Flowers {or with minimal flowers}
This can be taken straight from inspiration to reality! Have your florist use mostly greens and you can stretch your money further. And if you're anything like me, you'll be excited by the idea of doing something new and different!

3. Shearling or {Faux} Fur Elements
As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I don't recommend this use for shearling or fur. While it looks AMAZING, it is far from practical. This is the rug from my office. It smelled awful after getting wet & took 5 days to dry out in the garage hanging up on a ladder. While this wouldn't happen to you in an inside setting, it would get spilled on! Wine, beer, liquor, water, etc. {You'll notice we don't have glasses on the table, that's because they wouldn't stand up!} Instead, use shearling or fur as an overlay on tables that guests won't be sitting around with drinks - small tables holding a huge flower arrangement on either side of the entrance into your reception would be gorgeous! If this is still too risky, use faux fur pillows on your chairs, sofas, and other furniture. And wrap your bridesmaids in fur stoles. 

4. Dusting of Snow
It wasn't our original intention to have a dusting of snow on everything, but no matter now many times we wiped off the tables, and dishes, and silverware, and chairs, the snow kept falling. And I'm glad it did. The dusting of snow is beautiful! And while real snow isn't doable for a wedding, you can use fake snow. I've used it before to accent centerpieces and it is beautiful, but I even love it like this - just a dusting over the entire table! Just make sure you avoid the actual plates! No one wants to eat fake snow :)  
Bonus, you can use white biodegradable confetti to toss for your send off and it looks like you are being showered in snow! Plus it's extremely affordable & most venues allow it since it is biodegradable. 

5. Call Us! 
We can help design even more perfect details for your winter {or any season!} wedding! Call us today to schedule your free bridal consultation: 479.414.4136. 

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