Monday, December 31, 2012

The Best of the Best: Random Details

Hey everyone!

So I wasn't sure what to call this category because is spans so many different things. So, these are just a few of my favorite details/moments/people/pets/etc. that didn't fit in any other category! Enjoy...
A Banjo player entertained during Chelsea & Jimmy's cocktail hour. Photo by Hudson Photography.
My favorite bridal party images of the entire year! Danielle & Brad's wedding. Photo by Miles Witt Boyer.
The sweetest little ring bearer ever: Mo. Molly & Jake's wedding. Photo by Danielle Davis.
"Drink Me" cocktail straws for Sarah & Danny's Alice in Wonderland themed wedding. Photo by Shannon Walker.
Confetti Send-off for Becca & Josh's wedding reception. Photo by Miles Witt Boyer.
Favors for Meg & Walden's wedding. Photo by Finishing Touch.
"I do" "Me too" cake forks! Photo by Miles Witt Boyer.
Textured lighting on the barn by Lightworks. Photo by Shannon Walker.
Fun stuff! Enjoy the rest of your day. And come back tomorrow for more "best of" posts!

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