Wednesday, December 5, 2012

There's An App For That: Wedding Crashing??

Hey everyone!

Beware brides...a wedding crasher app is coming VERY soon! It's called Crash Corsage and the tag line is "'Til Death Do Us Party!" While hilarious, it makes a game out of wedding crashing. It compiles all the weddings in the area using information found on wedding websites. Crashers select the weddings they will crash and must check in while there to get points. Crazy, right? Here's the details...

Crash Corsage from EricSchlakmanDotCom on Vimeo.

This obviously makes me laugh hysterically, but I do feel like I should warn brides that this is on it's way! Although it won't be as bad here as in large cities, it's still coming! We need to come up with some new ways to enforce the guest list so you don't pay for a swarm of {uninvited} fraternity brothers to eat and drink at your wedding!

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