Monday, April 23, 2012

Mary Shannon's Bridal Portraits

Hey everyone!

We had the immense pleasure of planning the Little Rock wedding of Mary Shannon & Aaron Metrailer, which took place on Saturday night and was absolutely amazing from beginning to end. I'll blog in more detail about the wedding later, but for now, I get to share a few of Mary Shannon's gorgeous bridal portraits from Eli Murray Photography. Enjoy...

Isn't she a stunning bride? I promise, you don't want to miss their wedding! So check back often, and we'll post it as soon as possible!


Dona Dorman said...

Thank you for how wonderfully you took care of Mary Shannon and Aaron as they planned for and experienced their wedding day. You are a very patient, kind, and talented woman; we truly appreciate all that you did to make their day exceptionally beautiful and exciting. God bless you always!
Dona Dorman

Jessica {Finishing Touch} said...

Thank you Dona! It was such a pleasure. I'm starting blog posts on the rest of Mary Shannon & Aaron's wedding now. They'll post all week long, so stay tuned!