Friday, September 4, 2009

Artistic Bridal Portraits

Now keep in mind, before I get into these gorgeous paintings, that I'm not suggesting that you go and sit in a studio in front of a background painted just like these and mimic the poses. I am suggesting that you use them as a fabulous source of inspiration for your bridal portraits. Let them guide you towards an overall feeling and style for the shoot.

Of course, when talking about artistic inspiration for your bridal portraits, the mind will automatically go to Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa.
She is the most famous and most mysterious lady ever painted. Her coy smile and mysterious eyes would serve as fantastic inspiration for a bridal portrait. But, there are so many other, less obvious sources of inspiration!

Botticelli's Birth of Venus:
This is another very well known painting that depicts the epitome of feminine beauty and is therefore a perfect source of inspiration for your bridal portraits. The stance and setting would make for stunning photographs.

Whistler's The Artists Mother (more commonly known simply as Whistler's Mother):
This beautiful and serious painting is a fabulous American work of art that is the perfect inspiration for a bride with a gorgeous profile. Imagine a big ball gown, and you sitting in a lush, antique chair, stiff back, looking straight out. It would be pure art!

Johannes Vermeer, The Girl With a Pearl Earring:
This incredible Dutch painting of a girl that looks right into your soul, has been made more popular in recent years by a film based on it. I imagine this bridal portrait to consist of the pearl earring, of course, and the penetrating gaze back over your shoulder. It can be taken in any location with any background, because no one will be looking at the scenery with eyes like that!

Pablo Picasso's Girl Before a Mirror:
The main reason I love this painting has nothing to do with weddings or bridal portraits. It is the perfect representation of every girl and woman who looks into the mirror and sees something entirely different from what the rest of the world sees.
For a bridal portrait based on this painting, I imaging a woman in a beautiful wedding gown standing in front of a full length mirror and mimicking the pose of the lady in the painting. Stunning!

Andrew Wyeth's Christina's World:
For this incredible American painting, I believe the inspiration is obvious! A field, with or without a house in the background, and the bride sitting on the ground, just as the lady in the painting, with her back to the camera.

Whatever inspiration you choose for your bridal portraits or wedding portraits with your new husband, have the image framed beautifully and hang it in your home as the artwork it is inspired by.

Please send me any art inspired images. I'd love to be able to post them here!

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