Friday, January 2, 2015

Best of the Best of 2014: Portraits

Hey everyone!

I'm back with my favorite portraits from our 2014 weddings. These are the images that will hang in your home. The ones you love, and your children will love, and your grandchildren will cherish. These are my favorite portraits from 2014:

1. Tea' & Cornelius - May 2014 - This may be my favorite portrait of all time, not just of 2014. This makes me want to stop and enjoy the moment with the people I love. This perfect portrait was captured by Miles Witt Boyer and I love it so much.

2. Kirsten & Jordan - August 2014 - This classic "Benny Backlight" portrait is the stunning signature style of Benfield Photography. And it is perfection.

3. Beth & Jacob - August 2014 - The steps. The kiss. Does it get any better? Lovely portrait by Miles Witt Boyer.

4. Katelyn & Dale - November 2014 - These two will make the prettiest babies. Dimples for days! This tender moment was captured by Novo Studios.

I love these moments from the wedding day. It's just taking a moment to be still, to be with each other, and to focus on what's important! It is my absolute favorite part of what I do.

Come back tomorrow for the most stunning tables you ever did see!

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