Wednesday, November 23, 2011

DIY: Pinwheel Accents

Hey everyone!

Today I want to share a really simple DIY project with you that can be used in so many different ways! These adorable pinwheels can be made of any paper and buttons to match the style of your wedding. I love them on a place setting, chair, or napkin to add that fabulous something extra that will take your wedding design to the next level.
photo from our recent styled photo shoot with Melissa McCrotty

What you'll need
1. scissors
2. paper in your choice of color or pattern
     *regular thickness - you do not want to use thicker card stock type paper. It won't work.
3. buttons
4. double sided tape
5. hot glue gun

Step 1: Cut paper into 2 strips of equal widths. The skinnier the strips, the smaller the pinwheel will be; the thicker the strips, the larger the pinwheel will be.

Step 2: Accordion fold the paper back and forth.

Step 3: Using double sided tape, connect the pieces end to end creating a circle of paper.

Step 4: Press circle down and outward into the general shape of a pinwheel.

Step 5: Using your hot glue gun, secure button in the center.
*You may need to hold the button in place for a few moments until the glue dries. I used a metal bangle and placed it on each pinwheel to help it keep its shape, just until I was finished with the next.

If your wedding or event has a more eclectic or southern style, use a mixture of papers and buttons....
If you are having a more modern wedding and still like the idea of using this DIY project, simply choose paper in a solid color or a bold print (think chevron or stripes) and a shiny plastic black button. It would be equally fabulous!

Just one way these can be used....
photos by Melissa McCrotty Photography
FYI: I've also clustered these in mass and they're even more fantastic. You can create a backdrop for a dessert table or an incredible hanging installation that would create a focal point to die for.

Happy crafting!


Wendy said...

I saw your DIY pinwheels on Melissa McCrotty's Blog and just wanted to say that I think they're absolutely beautiful! It's such a simple but very effective idea and a great way to save money on chair covers and the lovely but extremely expensive finishing touches...truly impressed. How did you come up with the idea?
Wendy Bell

Jessica {Finishing Touch} said...

Thanks Wendy - I saw something similar done a year or two ago but in a HUGE scale as a backdrop for a dessert bar. I wanted to scale it back so that they were more versatile. Thanks for the compliment!