Monday, June 4, 2012

Mary Shannon & Aaron: The Dress

Hey everyone!

Today I'm sharing an extra special moment from Mary Shannon & Aaron's reception. To honor her grandmother and surprise her grandfather, the bride planned to change into her grandmother's wedding gown (which she had shortened) during the reception and share a dance with her grandfather. So when it was time, we stole Mary Shannon away to make the change and when she returned in her grandmother's dress the band played a song by one of her grandfather's favorite artists, Frank Sinatra, and they shared a very special dance...
the bride's grandparents on their wedding day
Incorporating moments like this into your wedding day are what makes it truly yours. It was absolutely one of a kind and Eli Murray captured it so beautifully!

Don't miss tomorrow! It's my favorite feature of Mary Shannon and Aaron's wedding and you don't want to miss it: Their First Look. Trust me, come back...

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