Monday, July 20, 2009

Kelly & Waylon's Floral Sneak Peak

Kelly & Waylon's wedding was absolutely beautiful! Here are just a few of the photos that we took throughout the weekend...
Beautiful Garden Rose centerpieces all lined up

The centerpieces were designed and created by Finishing Touch. They consisted of a large cube vase detailed in black satin ribbon and finished with the couples logo. It was filled with 18 stunning pink garden roses. Surrounding this center vase were 4 small cylinders filled with hydrangeas and also finished with black satin ribbon. These beautiful arrangements were highlighted with votives to give the whole room a beautiful glow.

A striking submerge arrangement set on the guestbook table. This beautiful & modern piece consisted of a cylinder vase filled with hydrangea stems and topped with a floating candle. The effect was absolutely gorgeous!

This huge arrangement set atop the photobooth table and was created using a VERY large cylinder vase filled with white hydrangeas, roses, and calalillies. Hydrangeas also filled the inside of the vase which was finished with a black satin ribbon.

Stunning pink Prince Jardinier Garden Roses graced the cake table.

This modern arrangement (one of my favorites of the evening) for the escort card tables was perfection! Each table consisted of 9 submerged arrangements in cylinders of different sizes. The cylinders contained calalillies, garden roses, hydrangeas, and floating candles. This arrangement set the tone for the evening and was incredible!

Keep in mind, we took these images ourselves. Professional photos will be up in a month.

More details to come...

All floral arrangements were designed and created by Finishing Touch Event Design.

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