Monday, July 20, 2009

K & W - Details Sneak Peak

The stunning "finishing touches" that made the wedding one of a kind...
Bride & Groom chair tags created by Finishing Touch.

The beautiful 5 tiered cake was created by Shelby Lynn's Cake Shoppe of Springdale. It was absolutely beautiful and delicious as always! The monogram cake topper was purchased on Etsy and the gorgeous garden roses were added by Finishing Touch.

The bride bought black flip flops in a variety of sizes. We placed them in a basket in the women's restroom with a sign that said "Dancing Shoes." The ladies slipped them on when their feet started aching in heels!

The beautiful escort card display (see description in previous post) was created using acrylic boxes filled with sand. We designed modern escort cards with the couple's logo. These simple boxes were accented with stunning submerge arrangements and floating candles.

The candy bar was a hit, as always! This one was particularly adorable, because the couple chose to use "classic candies" instead of using a color scheme. Containers were filled with hershey's bars, gumballs, salt water taffy, and much much more. The Hershey's bars were included in honor of Kelly's grandfather who loved this chocolate bar! We created labels for each treat with the couples logo.

The children's table was topped with crayons, coloring books, and artist paper for the kids to enjoy!

The couple was sent off with bubbles in the foyer of the hotel. The bubbles were tied with black and ivory ribbon and set atop a tray with a sign that ready "Love is in the Air".

Remember, I am a sad excuse for a photographer! Please forgive the poor quality of these images.

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