Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fall is in the Air...Perfect Favors!

In preparation for a wedding I have coming up this weekend I've been looking at and making all kinds of fall centerpieces, decorations, and favors. I'm addicted! and I wanted to post just a few fabulous fall favor ideas...
Caramel apples (above, left) are a wonderful fall favor and make for beautiful decoration as well. For a more formal event, you can use these as seating cards as well.
Place apples in a burlap bag with a decorative label (above, right) and include your favorite apple pie or apple dumpling recipe. Even better - include your grandma's recipe for a more personal touch!

Grandma's jam (above left) with a decorative lid & label to go along with your wedding invitations and decor.
Bag of nuts tied with twine & wedding label. Displayed in a dish full of nuts, these favors are fabulous! You can include your favorite pecan pie recipe if you use pecans.

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