Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sweet Words

Hey everyone!

I just received this very kind review from one of our spring brides and wanted to share with you all! 

Jessica was on top of everything form the very beginning. She helped me complete my vision for our wedding and helped make so many of the decisions, both important and miniscule, along the way. Jessica and her Finishing Touches team worked well with the vendors and other volunteers who helped at the event. Her creativity and organization were essential to keeping everything on track during the planning, preparation, and execution of our wedding. Most importantly, I knew that when Jessica was on the scene, I felt confident she would take care of everything so that my family and I could relax and enjoy ourselves. - Emmarie Foerester, bride - April, 2013 

Reviews like this are why I continue to do what I do. Making things easier for our clients is our number one priority! Thank you Emmarie for the wonderful review. It means the world to me!

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