Friday, September 14, 2012

Amanda & Geoffrey: A Few Quiet Moments

Hey everyone!

As many of you know it can be extremely difficult to get time alone on your wedding day. We always try to build in a little bit of time for the bride and groom to have a few moments to soak it all in.

For Amanda & Geoffrey, this time came in between the ceremony and reception, as Carper Creative Photography took them out onto the golf course for a few solitary moments at sunset. And the results are beautiful....

These moments are some that you'll remember the rest of your life! Don't forget to take that time on your wedding day to focus on your new husband or wife. You won't regret it!

A big congratulations to Amanda & Geoffrey! Your wedding was a joy. And I'm so happy for both. I hope you're settling into newly wed life and are enjoying it to it's fullest!

Thank you again to Carper Creative Photography. They did an incredible job, didn't they?!

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