Friday, August 10, 2012

Sweet Sweet Words

Hey everyone!

I just had to share this unbelievably wonderful comment from Mrs. Ashley Noland, who was married at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art last month....

Thank you so much, Jessica! 
Hiring you to be our wedding coordinator is the best decision that we made in the entire wedding planning process. I was so impressed by your organization, knowledge, contacts in the industry, impeccable taste, and kind personality. It made the eight-month process so fun and stress-free. I have received so many gracious comments from friends and family saying that it was "the most beautiful wedding" they've ever attended. While our goal was more about the message of God's provision and redemption, it still made my heart so glad to know that our work paid off and that it was a unique and special thank-you gift to them for a lifetime of loving us...through the good and the bad. It was truly a magical evening for us, our guests, and, especially, my children. Thank you so much, Jessica. 
Sincerely, Ashley Shaver Noland
photo by Benfield Photography
Thank you Ashley! It was an honor to be a part of your wedding and your sweet comment truly made my week!

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