Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sidney & Chris: The Photos

Hey everyone!

As a wonderful surprise, I received the photos from Sidney & Chris's photographer immediately after posting their video! So you get a little more of them this week. Here are some of my favorite of their wedding images from Kayleigh Ross Photography...
bouquets by Finishing Touch
floral cross by Finishing Touch
The couple shared their very first kiss at their wedding. It was a very special moment between this sweet bride & groom!

Sidney did a beautiful job designing and planning her wedding day. And it was my pleasure to come in and execute her plans so that everything was absolutely flawless. Congratulations again to Mr. & Mrs. Vines! I hope your wedding was everything you wanted it to be. And I wish you the best of luck starting your lives together in Texas!

Thank you to Kayleigh Ross Photography for sharing the images with us.

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