Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mary Shannon & Aaron: The Ceremony

Hey everyone!

Today I'm excited to show you the gorgeous moments captured throughout the day leading up to Mary Shannon & Aaron's wedding along with the ceremony itself.
These photos will show you how important good photography is for your wedding. These moments are priceless and great photography will take you back to them every time you look through your album! Enjoy their beautiful day through the eyes of Eli Murray Photography...
How awesome are their airbrushed tanks? Hilarious!
Make-up by Tess at Glo
a few moments of relaxation at the Capital Hotel
Priceless moment between the bride and her mom
and another!

And now on to the ceremony...
the Cathedral of St. Andrew

Now on to the reception...
trolley from Arkansas Destinations

You don't want to miss tomorrow's feature! Mary Shannon & Aaron's reception is up next...
Thanks again to Eli Murray Photography for these beautiful images.

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